Email Security

Fast, reliable, secure.
No SPAM or viruses.
Auto-learning filters.
Full user access to quarantine.

POP3 | IMAP | SMTP access via secured connections.

Secure Webmail access.

Email Hosting or just Filtering?

Your choice.
Inbound email filtering for better SPAM and VIRUS filtering and peace of mind.
Heuristic attachment filtering
(quarantine malicious .doc, .xls, .html, .scr, .exe, .zip etc.)

Self-learning filters filter 99.9% of your SPAM.

Protection against fake and forged messages.
Advanced internal reputation service.

Web Hosting

Fast, reliable, managed.
Optimized for speed and SEO.
Fully managed updates.
Detailed reports about all managed activity.

Essential plugins preinstalled and hidden out of sight.
As much traffic as you can possibly get.

Web Hosting

Fully custom tailored to your needs, only pay for what you need.
Adjustable disk space.
Automatic Database caching.
PHP 5.6.x / nginx / MySQL / ngx_pagespeed with memcached

Malware monitoring and removal

PHP opcode caching & acceleration

Image optimization & lazy loading

Web Design

From simply choosing a host or a theme up to planning out your next big e-commerce platform we can offer you an all inclusive service.

Free consultation to analyze your needs and offer you the best solution.

Web Design

We work with a few specialized custom themes from which we select the best one for your needs and then customize it.

We can also assist you in selecting a theme from any theme market and help you extend it with custom CSS and code as well as plugins.

We strongly advise you to use a commercial theme to benefit from updates and support.

ICT Consulting

From planning your infrastructure to surveillance systems we cover everything including virtualization, security, servers, workstations, file sharing solutions, backups, POS systems etc.
All according to best practices and ITIL compliant.

ICT Consulting

We are experienced with mainstream products like Hyper-V and VMware but prefer open source solutions like Proxmox.

We can design a custom solution for you based on Windows or Linux, depending on your needs and budget.

We can advise, implement and maintain.
Personally we work with Apple products so we can assist you with MAC and OSX problems too.